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TexaSOT is a family run business that sells firearms, ammunition, and supplies for every type of use and application. I've traveled all over the country and been blessed enough to learn from a lot of intelligent people, and want to give that back to the industry and in a way that benefits the whole community, especially the consumers. We belive in freedom, the Bible, the constitution, and the right to bear arms.

I have a background in supply chain and intend to use that experience to drive our business to provide the most competitive costs on the widest selection of products. Part of that starts with our free shipping policy. Shipping sucks, everyone hates it, so why even go down that road of offering coupons, or requiring a certain dollar amount to be purchased. Just get rid of it and start there. That's the essence of how we do business, we want to be the type of store that we would love to by from. 


THE MISSION (What's our why?)


The mission here is simple:

Provide the best products and information in the most affordable and accessible way possible.

We want to share knowledge, and impart wisdom from our personal learnings over the years and apply it in a manner that benefits the shooting community as a whole. We also understand the importance of remaining a student, and hope to learn from the industry and shooting community along the way.




Firearms are a way of life, and have been in human culture since the 13th century. Whether it's for hunting, fighting or competitive sports, shooting is engrained in who we are, and has shaped our country and society as we know it today. 

Our freedom was founded by regular people. During a time when there was no commissioned military, these farmers, trade workers, and regular patriots left their homes and families bearing arms, and accomplished extraordinary things defeating the greatest military force of their time. Their undying devotion to freedom and relentless refusal to bow to tyranny is the essence of patriotism as we know it.

The right to bear arms and the knowledge to use them is the only reason we have the freedoms we enjoy today. This is the importance of remembering our history:

The importance of being relentless, being devoted, being a Regular Patriot.

~DT, Owner of TexaSOT.